Who We Are – We are fixxt

We are a focused group of experts with one overarching goal in mind – to solve problems across all business sectors. Although our ambitions are significant, we believe our flexible software can be seamlessly integrated into many businesses, driving measurable improvement and notable customer satisfaction. But that doesn’t answer who we are. 

We are problem solvers and innovators, listeners and strategists – we know that small processes cause considerable angst and communication flows break down because people lack connection. We’re here to help you manage that connection, avoiding the frustration and potential client churn that many want to address, but don’t have the tools to get the job done. We are our client. We are your results. We are your vision and ambition. We are fixxt.

What We Believe

Strong values underpin the creation, direction and implementation of fixxt. Although we like the technology to stand on its own, our team is guided by these five pillars: 

AUTHENTICITY: We mean what we say – our software solves problems. Ideally, a customised implementation will take care of the bits you’re worrying about, minimising stress and improving productivity.

TRANSPARENCY: Truth is subjective but technology is factual – we maintain complete transparency, validating your needs while fostering clear communication.  If we cannot help you, we’ll let you know and connect you with someone who can. 

PASSION: We love what we do. Our remote offices aren’t occupied by clock-watchers – we are driven by helping businesses like yours succeed through ongoing refinement. 

WE CARE ABOUT CAPABILITY OVER TECHNOLOGY: Fixxt is about what the technology can do for your business, focusing on making ideal circumstances a reality.

MEASURABLE: We have nothing to hide. We want you to access every piece of information you need to measure the success of fixxt in your business.

How We Approach Problem-Solving

    fixxt deploy process experts to sit with you and understand the specifics of your business, working out target KPIs, ideal bottom lines and project needs across immediate, mid and long term goals. We want our engagement methodology and final solution to be painless, measurable and transparent, honestly reflecting on each potential scenario and exploring various decision making opportunities. This deep-dive may sound like a lot of work to begin with, particularly for the time poor, but certain decisions will be easier and faster to make following our consultation.
    Our people will review your business for risk, compliance and fiduciary responsibilities before progressing to the design stage. After we’ve satisfied these requirements, our team will engineer a solution that addresses your identified needs, ensuring the improvements you’ve been imagining are within reach.
  3. fixxt ROLL OUT
    Every roll-out is different as no standing infrastructure is identical to another, even within industries. After we’ve bonded fixxt with your existing APIs and technologies, you’ll be able to track communication, store drawings, keep track of class or site numbers, direct on-site actions and more, tracking and reporting data as needed without collating multiple spreadsheets into a non-interactive report.


We can work with your team to integrate fixxt into your platform.

Dedicated it team

Workflow mapping is the first step. fixxt then tackles the workflow problems.

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No matter how big or small the business is the problems are al the same

Taking Care of Business

fixxt can be integrated into your business systems to work invisible in the background.

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All processes are held on dedicated cloud-based platforms.

Power of the cloud

Security is our utmost concern. Your data and systems are not exposed.

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Make Lagging Processes Fast with fixxt

Process efficiency won’t happen without deliberate change. You don’t have time to resolve communication drains, address step by step problems or identify process breakdown – let us help. fixxt removes traditional road-blocks, delivering real-time status updates to all participants, utilising everyday technologies like SMS, push notifications, voice activated devices and more.  

Issue management is required in almost every business – how will you address your process problems? Leverage our scalable, secure and strategic technology and build a robust business with fixxt.

Transform your business without changing your culture.
Revolutionise process management with fixxt.